Employment & Family-Based Immigration Visas:

boca-raton-kaplanWe Help You Apply for the Visa You Want

Whether you wish to enter the United States for employment, to make a better life for your children or for other reasons, we will help you to obtain the relevant visa or green card you need. At the Law Offices of Grant Kaplan, we help individuals, employers and employees file for many different types of immigration documents. We will work directly with you, explaining your situation, advising you about options that apply to your situation and then help you pursue those goals by ensuring that every “i” has been dotted and every “t” crossed in order to maximize the chances that your application will be successful.

Advising You on the Visa That Applies to Your Situation

Different visas serve different purposes. Since our firm has in-depth knowledge of all of them, we can advise you about the options that would best suit your purposes whether you want to:

  • Work in the United States for a period of time
  • Set up a business in the United States
  • Enter the United States for pleasure
  • Bring your family to the U.S. while you are visiting or working here

Experienced Legal Professionals Who Understand Your Issues

The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan are located in Boca Raton, Florida. Principal attorney Grant Kaplan has more than 25 years of experience in international law. Mr. Kaplan and his legal team represent people in immigration-related matters throughout the United States and the world. He is also available to travel to foreign embassies and consulates. Because many members of our legal team were born outside the United States, we have the understanding needed to help you make the best case for yourself.

We Help You Apply for Many Employment & Family-Based Visas

Employment-Based Visas

We will help you apply for any visa for which you may be eligible, including the following types of employment visas:

  • H-1B Visa. A way to bring foreign-born professionals to the United States for a period of up to six years.
  • L-1 Visa. For people working for an employer abroad for one year in a related business entity in a manager/executive or specialized knowledge staff capacity.
  • B-1 Temporary visitor for business
  • B-2 Temporary visitor for pleasure
  • E-1 Treaty trader, spouse and children
  • E-2 Treaty investor, spouse and children
  • EB-1 National interest waiver, alien of extraordinary ability, outstanding professor or researcher, multinational executive
  • EB-2 Member of profession holding advanced degree, alien of exceptional ability
  • EB-3 Skilled worker or professional
  • EB-4 Any other worker
  • EB-5 Immigrant investor
  • *H-1B Temporary worker in a specialty occupation
  • *H-1C Registered nurses
  • *H-2A Temporary worker performing agricultural services unavailable in the United States
  • *H-2B Temporary worker performing non-agricultural services unavailable in the United States
  • *H-3 Industrial trainee
  • *H-4 Dependent of H-1, H-2 or H-3
  • L-1 Intra-company transferee (executive, managerial, and specialized personnel continuing employment with an international firm or corporation)
  • L-2 Dependent of L-1 applicant
  • *O-3 Dependent of O-1 or O-2
  • *P-1 Athletes and entertainers for a specific competition or performance
  • *P-2 Athletes, entertainers participating in reciprocal exchange program
  • *P-3 Artists and entertainers performing under culturally unique program
  • *P-4 Dependent of P1, P2 or P3
  • *Q International cultural exchange visitor
  • PERM Applications

*Requires a USCIS petition from a United States sponsor.

Family-Based Visas                

We will help you apply for the following types of family visas:

  • I-130 Petition. A petition for alien relatives. It applies to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children.
  • Fiancé Visa. For those seeking to bring a fiancé or fiancée to the United States, a K-1 visa application will allow them to enter the U.S.

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